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Bulldog gym Australia is a school for the teaching of Thai Boxing. We teach men, women, kids, everyone from young to old who wish to learn more about this 2000 yr old art. We have many fully insured, safe, clean gyms available all over the country, the HQ is in Manly NSW and run by the founder of Bulldog Gym Australia, Kru Nick Stone (“Kru” meaning “teacher”).

The original Bulldog Gym is from Bow, in East London, founded by Terry Butwell who was a bulldog breeder. Nick was a friend of Terry’s and asked to take the famous name to Australia in 1989 when it started here. Now enjoying its 25th year, Bulldog started in humble beginnings now to the country’s largest chain of schools training many fighters and Bulldog Gym fighters have won over 50 titles from local to world champions with 11 world champion titles won in the past 25 years!

Every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Bulldog students strive to achieve their goals and be better, stronger, fitter fighters and better people.

Established in 1989 by Nick Stone, Bulldog Gym has become not only Australia’s largest facility in the art of Muay Thai boxing and kickboxing, but also the largest chain of kickboxing schools across Australia. Our full time Muay Thai school – based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches (located in Balgowlah, which is less than a 5-minutes drive from Manly) – caters for men, women (including women-only classes) and children. Our school is clean, well maintained and fully insured.

Thai kickboxing – a great way to improve fitness, train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) techniques and learn self defense.

Thai kickboxing has many benefits which include:

  • Fitness – an excellent way to shed unwanted weight, improve cardio, or cross-train for other sporting activities
  • MMA training – kickboxing is a major part of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), made popular with organisations such as the UFC. Learn all aspects of the MMA stand-up game, including boxing, the “clinch”, strikes using both hands and legs, offence and defence
  • Self defense – Thai kickboxing is a great way to learn how to protect yourself in threatening situations, along with boosting your self confidence in all facets of life.

Muay Thai boxing (or kickboxing) is an ancient martial art developed in Thailand, and is also that country’s national sport.

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